Our platform addresses fundamental
questions about human aging:
who lives long, who lives well, and why?

We focus on diseases of metabolic aging, leading causes of morbidity & mortality




Suffer from cardiometabolic disease (e.g., obesity, T2D, CV disease)


Live with obesity

Risk of death from major diseases

We know there are many pathways that impact human lifespan and healthspan

It is our mission to find them

Key features of our discovery platform:

  • Longitudinal omics coupled with serial functional assessments allowing modeling of aging-related progressive physical, cognitive, functional decline
  • Healthspan trajectories captured by starting with healthy individuals

Our data-first approach
to metabolic aging

Our unbiased approach identifies translational drug targets spanning novel and known biology
Untracked wilds
Known hallmarks of aging

Differentiated R&D capabilities

  • Target ID

    Bespoke data science ecosystem with AI and ML-enabled insights from our human aging cohorts

  • Target validation

    In-house translational aging core in naturally aged mice

  • Discovery & development

    Expertise across discovery and development with a tech-forward approach

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